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Meet the Artist:

JOB: Great Cartoonist / PR Guru
PERSONAL: Born year “Wild Thing” hit #1 (1966)

• Near-native of Colorado, USA 25+years (Via Chicago, Illinois–birthplace + some school) • B.A. Communications Radio/TV/Film-NIU, IL • Graphics Design & Commercial Design Certificates in CO + lots of other enlightening things

STATUS: Married and Divorced 18 times
(Husbands may have either spontaneously combusted or moved to Alaska)

FAMILY: Only Sibling.

• Mom owns health food store and healing center in the mountains • Dad in financial and insurance biz • Dogs: border collie mix Aspen and corgi mix Boca (both very smart and full of antics)

Fish: Japanese betta fighter named Vino

INTERESTS: Martial Arts-4th Degree Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s style)
Plus: movie fanatic, previous dancer, avid “reader” of books-on-tape.
Also enjoy traveling, sports, cultural events, languages, men, gardening, real
reading, gourmet foods/cooking, and collecting martial arts weaponry.


• Been cartooning for nearly a decade! • Juggles full-time job working at mom’s health food store plus cartooning career and sometimes even manages to have a social life! • Worked in television production for several years and also did lots of graphic design. • Choreographed a music video once. • One of the last natural blondes on the planet. • Can speak a spattering in several languages-just enough to offend the locals with bad grammar!

MEMBERSHIPS: Newspaper Features Council

• Denver Press Club • Colorado Alliance of Illustrators • Unofficial cartooning mascot at the American Association of Sunday & Features Editor’s Conferences

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11 Great Reasons To Use TOUCHÉ! Cartoons:

  1. They’re progesterone-based
  2. They’re so easy to place: with other cartoons, in specialized sections, as a lead story…
  3. You’ll learn something new, like how to make up your own grammar rules.
  4. Because you are master of the world who bows to no committee.
  5. To assure you don’t make it into the cartoon line-up as a “geeky” character.
  6. The humor is “Ripped from the Headlines” …and bathroom stall eavesdropping.
  7. Keep up with artist’s personal life– without reading the tabloids.
  8. Easy to promote-cartoon diva is camera ready!
  9. Artist has cool pink web site.
  10. You’ll increase sales by thousands thus keeping your job.
  11. Ever see how rejection is dealt with on The Sopranos?

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